Hello! I’m Vicky — a lively lady DJ with amazing new sound rig. Boom boom, shake shake the room! I’m an Anglesey wedding DJ, Anglesey birthday DJ and Anglesey mobile DJ with a superior soundsystem.

It’s my job to make people get up and DANCE, and I guarantee I’ll have your dance floor full from the moment the lights go down to the moment they go back up after the smoochy songs.

And let’s face it, no one knows how to make the girlies dance better than another lady, right?

Call 07798 736646 now for a quote.

What ever your occasion, whatever the event, I’m the girl for the job. I have thousands of songs from every era on my laptop and can usually have your request on before you’ve even sat back down. Cool R and B for an 18 year old? The latest top 40 is loaded and ready to rock. A manic Motown revival for those of us old enough to remember? Oh baby, I know what you like.

Want a wedding singer too? I work in partnership with a talented singer and keyboard player – we make a dynamite duo indeed.

Comedy girl and experienced radio presenter

Plus, I’m a comedy writer and radio presenter, which means I know how to work the crowd for laughs – who wants a wallflower DJ who hides behind their lights? In fact, I have a tendency to dance all night as well – I can party with the best of them. Woop woop!

Discos are all about quality sound, and my incredible new sound sytem is loud, proud and crystal clear. It’s such high quality you can have a conversation next to it while the speakers are at full blast….but I’d MUCH  rather you were dancing.

So get in touch now and find out more about my services.

DJ Vicky is a party animal and she’s dying to make you dance.

Call me on 07798 736646 now for a quote.

I look forward to rocking your party.